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Vhernier interprets contemporary jewellery like no other. Since its founding the brand has challenged the conventional codes of traditional jewellery design and created its own. Each technique is so amazing and personal to the brand that it is today known as ‘the Vhernier style’.

As unique as modern art, simple as ancestral shapes, and innovative in blending traditional craftsmanship and experimental approach to materials, Vhernier jewellery transcends fashion and becomes timeless.

Each collection is created and developed around this vision. That’s why all the jewels complement each other so magnificently and reflect the wearer’s personality.

Celebrated for its superb craftsmanship and impeccable quality, Vhernier jewellery is handmade in Italy by highly experienced master craftsmen who work wonders of precision and engineering using only the most beautiful natural materials.

Today Vhernier has fourteen boutiques throughout the world – including Milano, New York, London, Dubai – and a distribution covering fourteen countries.